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Kickstart Your Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland with Oasis Caliber, your reliable partner in efficient business setup services. Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance and support for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Launch your venture with confidence, backed by our dedicated assistance!


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Types Business Activities For Your Business Setup In Abu Dhabi Mainland

abu dhabi commercial license

Commercial License


Enables a company to engage in business activities such as public trading, healthcare (hospitals and clinics), construction, real estate, and other related sectors.

abu dhabi industrial license

Industrial License

Oasis Caliber offers licenses to companies intending to establish a manufacturing operation in Abu Dhabi.

abu dhabi professional license

Professional License

This license is granted to companies employing skilled workers in various crafts, including carpentry, steelwork, and other artisanal trades.
abu dhabi tourism license

Tourism License

With Oasis Caliber’s assistance, entrepreneurs looking to enter the UAE’s travel and tourism industry, including hotels and travel agencies, can obtain this license from the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority.

Documents Required for Company Formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland

For Company Formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland, you’ll need to gather several essential documents to ensure legal compliance and smooth operations. Compiling these documents is a crucial step in initiating your business setup process in Abu Dhabi Mainland.

To set up your business in Abu Dhabi Mainland, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

  • icon Passport Copies
  • icon Residency or visit visa
  • icon Business plan or CV
  • icon Company application form
  • icon Proof of financial capability
  • icon Trade name options (at least 5)
  • icon Shareholder structure
  • Abu Dhabi Mainland License Business Structures

    branch office in dubai

    Branch Offices

    A Branch Office operates as an extension of an existing business. You can establish a branch of a foreign company or a UAE-based company in Abu Dhabi, serving as the regional headquarters. However, the import of goods must be conducted through local trading firms.

    Limited Partnership

    A Limited Partnership consists of one or more general partners who share joint liability for the partnership’s debts and obligations. Limited partners are not involved in management decisions and their names cannot be included in the partnership’s name.

    Single-Person LLC

    Sole Proprietorship

    A Sole Proprietorship is a business owned by a single individual. It is open to individuals of any nationality, allowing foreign professionals to retain 100% ownership of their enterprise.

    Sole Proprietorship

    Public Shareholding Company

    A Public Joint Stock Company is a corporate entity with a minimum capital requirement of AED 10,000,000. Its shares are of equal value and transferable, with each shareholder’s liability limited to their individual shareholding. During incorporation, the company’s name must not include any names of the partnering investors.

    Let our experts assist you in setting up your business in the Middle East.

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    Benefits Of Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland

    Did you know that company formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland is a preferred choice for investors and entrepreneurs? This is due to several key benefits:

    • Fast and Simple Setup: Quick business setup with minimal documentation.
    • Affordable Office Space: Access to cost-effective office spaces and rentals.
    • Advanced Infrastructure: State-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure.
    • Strategic Location: Access to a market of over 4 billion consumers.
    • Skilled Talent Pool: No restrictions on hiring skilled professionals.
    • Residence Visa: Eligibility to obtain a UAE residence visa.
    • Investor Partnership: Investors can become partners in the business.
    • Stable Environment: A stable political environment with a strong legal framework protecting business rights.

    How Oasis Caliber Will Help You Forming a Company in Abu Dhabi Mainland

    Business Consultation in dubai

    Business Consultation

    Oasis Caliber will understand your business needs and provide expert advice on the best structure and strategy for setting up in Abu Dhabi Mainland.

    License Application in dubai

    License Application

    We assist you in preparing and submitting all required documents, ensuring a smooth and efficient licensing process with minimal hassle.

    Office Setup in dubai

    Office Setup

    Oasis Caliber will help you find affordable office space and access state-of-the-art infrastructure to support your business operations.

    PRO Services in dubai

    PRO Services

    We provide continuous support to ensure your business complies with local laws and regulations, including assistance with obtaining UAE residence visas and other necessary permits.

    Why Choose Us For Company Formation In Abu Dhabi Mainland
    When it comes to establishing your business in Abu Dhabi Mainland, choosing Oasis Caliber is a strategic move. Our expertise in UAE business setup and deep understanding of local regulations set us apart. We tailor our services to meet your specific business goals, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup process for LLCs, branches, or representative offices. For over six years, we have assisted entrepreneurs and business owners in setting up companies in Abu Dhabi Mainland. The region’s business-friendly environment eases financial and tax-related concerns, allowing you to focus on growth. We have proven track record of helping international business owners launch new enterprises. Contact us today to speak with our top business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi for expert advice. By choosing Oasis Caliber for your business setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland, you gain a reliable partner committed to your success. We navigate the complexities of the UAE business landscape, making your entrepreneurial journey both effortless and rewarding.


    You can choose from several business structures, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Branch Offices, Representative Offices, and Sole Proprietorships.

    Required documents typically include passport copies, residency or visit visas, a business plan or CV, a company application form, proof of financial capability, trade name options, and the shareholder structure.

    The setup process can vary depending on the business type and the completion of required documentation, but it usually takes a few weeks.

    Yes, recent changes in UAE laws allow foreigners to own 100% of a business in many sectors. However, some activities may still require a local sponsor or partner.

    Benefits include a strategic location, access to a large market, state-of-the-art infrastructure, a stable political environment, and a tax-friendly regime.

    Depending on the business activity, you may not need a local partner due to recent regulatory changes allowing full foreign ownership in many sectors.

    Costs can vary based on the business type and size, including licensing fees, office rent, and service fees. It’s best to consult with a business setup expert for a detailed breakdown.

    Yes, obtaining a residence visa through your business setup allows you to sponsor your family members.

    Depending on the business type, you may need a physical office space, which can range from small offices to larger commercial spaces. Virtual offices are also an option in some cases.

    Oasis Caliber provides end-to-end support, including consultation, documentation, licensing, office space arrangement, and ongoing compliance to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.

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